Yurt Workshop, Phase one, 2014

by admin | 27th June 2014

Are we building a Yurt. or is it going to be a ‘yurtish’ multi purpose structure?

Details for August 1st through 3rd workshop in Clark Fork, Idaho


Basic tapered wall yurt


Ken here with a synopsis of our Summer 2014 building project. I have been a builder for 5 decades, the projects I get the most out of are the challenging ones, especially the ones that include a touch of artistic expression. I like to think that everything on my homestead includes artistic expression.

Big House

Rhianna on the Tower

Indoors, outdoors, wood or stone, (or whatever)


I feel if you can not add an artistic touch you are just throwing stuff together.



Indeed the yurt has morphed.

It is now a two story structure with bunkhouse space above, and expanded covered meeting area below. Phase one will be notching and assembling the upright logs and installing the cable to support the yurt sectionModified Log Yurt

Workshop Details

Aug 1 to 3rd 2014

Limit ten building participants

Cost $45



It is said that all things are proceeded by a thought. This workshop will be an exercise in watching thoughts become manifest.  All materials are on site. Logs have been peeled, framing material is all milled and dried from logs on the property.

We are going to be using power tools but the workshop will include a demonstration of how this can be done with hand tools only.

Campsites are being developed and you are invited to be part of that too. Find an appropriate spot on the this 25 acre woodland wonderland and you are welcome to give it your personal touch.

Friday afternoon

Time to find your campsite (Car camping spaces are available as well as a few prime locations suitable for a small rv)

Friday Evening

Fix dinner around a campfire and discuss some layout and log notching theory. We will cover the basics regarding how to lay out a circle and divide it into 16 sections.  How to use a water level or a transit level to determine where notches should go. In the course of the workshop we will also cover how to derive the correct angles when dealing with structures that are not square.

Saturday morning community breakfast at the main house. First one up makes coffee.

9:00 A.M. Tool orientation, site orientation and discuss building safety

10:00 . Notching demonstration and break into work crews

12:30 to 1:30 Lunch (will be served)

1:30 to 4:30  Finish raising and bracing upright logs and rough installation of perimeter connecting beams.

Free time before dinner at 6:00.  Play in the woods, rest at your campsite, town trip if needed.

We will fix dinner together and serve it when it is ready.

Sunday morning community breakfast at the main house first one up makes coffee.

9:00 A.M   At the building site, recap yesterday’s work discuss how we might improve the process next time.

10:00 12:00 (more or less) Finish cutting and installing perimeter beams. Install and tighten up the perimeter support cable.

12:00 Share lunch, discuss the plan for phase two (floor Joists and rafters and sheathing)

1:00 closing circle, break camp maybe go for a swim in the lake.

Things to bring:



Food to contribute to the community kitchen

Hammer and a chisel if you have one.


2 Responses to “Yurt Workshop, Phase one, 2014”

  1. Roseanne Laan

    May 4th, 2015 :

    I am interested in coming to see the process. I am interested in building a small self-contained living space for myself. I do not have any building skills and do not know if I will be of much help, is there room for me?
    Also, do you know of any cottage or straw bale home-building workshops?
    Thank you
    Roseanne Laan
    Bellingham, WA

  2. help

    Jun 2nd, 2015 :

    You are welcome to come check out our center. Also look at permies.com for more inspirations.

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