Travel Journal Comes out of Hibernation

by help | 4th March 2015


Time for Ken to hit the road!


Another adventure! Most years I get to veer from my normal routine and spend a month or two on the road. Last year I think my Travel Journal consisted of no travel but updating my friends on changes in the Mystical Land of Clark’sForkia. I will start with a quick update on that.

Bedients on the Yurt

We’ve made progress in the next step of creating an ECO workshop destination/retreat venue/Permaculture demonstration site. The roof is up for the two-story, I guess we could call it a Common House. It’s a building that will house a community kitchen, outdoor pavilion, bath house, and upstairs a dormitory or bunkhouse. Right now all the walls are open to the outside, and who knows, maybe it’ll just be a screened in the structure this summer.


The garden is fenced and cleared and ready to be planted. Not sure what we’re going to plant but there will be some sort of cash crop put in this summer. I’m really looking forward to that! The cash crop part will be nice, but mainly I’m looking forward to being a gardener.

I wrote a song a while back about expanding our tolerance for pleasure. (How much joy do we really deserve to have?)

Is there always room for a little more? My answer to that question – Yes and YES!

This little preamble is here to explain my conflict. There are so many fun things to do at home, usually the weather dictates either cabin fever or hit the road Ken. This year it is Springtime in February and frankly I don’t want to go anywhere.

I finally told myself to quit complaining about the abundance of fun engaging things I had to do and get on with this adventure. Took a short trip East to Hot Springs Montana and now I am on an Oregon Hot Springs adventure enroute to Portland. And I get to visit family and see some grandkids – LIFE IS GOOD.

So this is what I put on my itinerary, and as this journal unfolds you’ll see what else got thrown in there. (I am still not sure where my heart and my wandering footsteps will take me on this trip) Three things for sure:

Visit Family

Hit some Hot Springs

The Economics of Happiness Conference.


First stop was an overnight stay with a young couple who have been interviewed on my show twice now.  They are doing great things to make the city a healthy self sustaining unit. They have created a working profitable model for turning lawns into farms. It’s called the Lease Your lawn Farm Cooperative. More info here: Urban Permaculture Revisited


 Daniel Bruce and Margaret Rule Permaculture Designers ~~ Urban Style


Interesting swing I saw in Spokane, I am going to build one with logs when I get home.










Then it was off to more new territory for me, stayed with a host in Pendleton Oregon on my way to Crystal Crane Hot Springs in Central Oregon.



 20150223_140720 20150223_140700_Pano

I traveled through the Palouse country to get there which is mainly wheat and hay growing territory. Beautiful country.  I learned from Renee in Pendleton that the cattlemen pretty much still ruled this land and were responsible for keeping it “cowboy”  (my term)  they are referred to as “Pendleton Rolyalty”

On South Through more “Cowboy County” and the John Day Wilderness area.

Beautiful country but Crane Hot Springs awaits…… 20150223_114936 20150223_114850 20150223_110808 20150223_105335 20150223_105322   20150222_082934 20150222_082837_VRpano 20150222_082125  20150222_081950

20150223_140518_VRpano 20150223_134848 20150223_134747

At last, the hot water I have been yearning for,


 To be continued

6 Responses to “Travel Journal Comes out of Hibernation”

  1. Rick Voreck

    Mar 4th, 2015 :

    Nice to see your adventures, Ken! Thanks for sharing!!

    Any chance you will get to see us on this trip? Please visit!
    We have a place for you to stay if you want!


  2. help

    Mar 4th, 2015 :

    Rick, I am not going to make to California this year:( Big hug to you, your Mom and Marilyn, I just heard they were coming soon.

  3. Chris Farrow-Noble

    Mar 4th, 2015 :

    Fun, Ken! Did you contact Carter, Kate & Mika in Portland, or just your own daughter and family? I was there In Feb. for Mika’s 4th. They’re expecting 2nd daughter on 3/31…so new cousin…! Let me know if you’re going to go south to San Diego to see your sisters and Mom, or east to see us? Love to you, Cuz’ Chris

  4. help

    Mar 4th, 2015 :

    Thanks for the reminder Chris. I will drop them a line, chances are I will miss them but maybe our schedules will align. Hugs Ken

  5. Mar 5th, 2015 :

    Hi Ken, glad the gypsy in you gets some adventures again :] Any chance you can stop by and visit us in Girona, Spain? And hey, are you flashing awake throughout your travel days? Love, Frederico

  6. help

    Mar 6th, 2015 :

    Frederico, wish I could drop by!! I am awaking more and more, flashing awake at time, and slowly like a bear coming out of hibernation at other times. Thanks for what you do in the world of awareness.

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