The “morphing” of the Garden Yurt

by admin | 1st February 2013

Here is where we left off in the last chapter:


Basic tapered wall yurt

I have designated a spot in the garden for a multi purpose structure.  I had decided a few things, it would be circlar in nature and I liked the challenge of building a tapered walled yurt. We got this far in the planning stage and decided if there was going to be usable space on the second level, why not make it more usable.

taperedwallThe finished Yurt pictured with snow on it (I believe) is modeled after the yurts designed by Bill Coperthwaite

Step 3 make provisions for a covered area in front

It was also decided to extend the second level deck out in front to create a covered area outside

Next Chapter

~~Let the Morphing Begin~~

At this point there are few things that should be explained.  One is that when I am in the process of designing something I always think of additional uses for the structure.   In this case the evolution has gone something like this:

  • A place in the garden where campers can cook, and take a shower
  • A loft in the structure for a few people to sleep in
  • A community kitchen in the garden where groups could prepare and serve a meal
  • A meeting place in our community garden for music gatherings, workshops, demonstations etc.
  • An outside covered area for the above during inclement weather.
  • Room above for a dormitory (men and women)
  • Deck off of upper level with a seperate stairway and entrance
  • ?????? who knows what else ???????

Below a photo journal of our model’s re-construction since the last chapter.

Post modification done

Post modification done


Begin again

Out with old posts & in with new bigger, longer posts









Replace the floor joists

Replace the floor joists


Begin redesigning beter roof line

Begin redesigning better roof line



ready for rafters

ready for rafters



Rafters on 24" centers, Scale showing 6' headrooms

Rafters on 24″ centers,
Scale showing 6′ headroom


Backside showing entrance from behind the greenhouse

Backside showing entrance from behind the greenhouse
































6 Responses to “The “morphing” of the Garden Yurt”

  1. Rhianna

    Feb 1st, 2013 :

    I think this is the perfect place for Kayla’s fairies to live. No need to make it bigger. It is perfect just as it is.

  2. Barbara

    Feb 1st, 2013 :

    Super, super cool, Ken!! I’ve so enjoyed sipping my morning coffee and reading your blogs, seeing your snowy, snowy pictures (brrrrrrrrrrr!!!)

    I also admire your computer skills. Your little sister has some catching up to do:)

    Craig will enjoy looking at your project, so I’d better hand over the iPad.

    Barbara ( are you supposed to sign comments like a letter? I think not…)

  3. caslers

    Feb 1st, 2013 :

    Sis, you can sign your comments any way you wantL
    Love Ken

  4. Nephew eric

    Feb 2nd, 2013 :

    Hey unka Ken,
    It looks great from here!
    Please be sure to take plenty of pictures and notes, especially of the wood fired floor heating system. There may be one of those in my future.(with solar as the primary source, of course, but wood looks like a good backup if it could be integrated

    Thanks again for your help with our addition. We’re celebrating 3 years since we moved our bed in…though we are stretching at the seams once again.

  5. David

    Apr 5th, 2013 :

    Very inspiring design, Ken. Let me know your building schedule, I’d like to help when I can. I’ll call you when I’m out that way, by early May for sure. Much love brother.

  6. caslers

    Apr 5th, 2013 :

    Hey David,
    I will surely keep you informed of the building days. I’m going to finish the concrete footings when I get home and gather some materials so things will (hopefully) go together smoothly. If it’s inspiring to you am very flattered!

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