Please Read This

The Back Door

We thought a “disclaimer” would be in order, but the word “disclaimer” is a turn off.

Our cabin is comfortable and rustic.  It is a well maintained 30 year old log building with a dirt driveway.

Some folks perusing vacation rental sites will be looking for comforts that are not here.  There is no hot tub, no work out room and the fully equipped kitchen does not come with a microwave or a dishwasher. (Actually there is a microwave available if you want one.) Some might say the bathroom is too basic, but it is clean and functional. (Yes we have “indoor” plumbing with hot and cold running water.) The cabin and surrounding woods are not wheel chair accessible.

The “Bountiful Adventure” we offer is what most of our ancestors found when they stepped outside:  The natural world. Trees, birds, bugs, dirt, these things are here. The “luxury” you will find here  when you allow yourself to be touched by simple things is peacefulness and satisfaction.

Which is why we love our motto:

Simply Connected with Nature