Family connections along the way

by help | 12th March 2015

This abbreviated Winter Sojourn had the three day conference in Portland as the focus or destination, but what really feeds me are the connections with family — My kids, grandkids, and old friends. It is hard to document those connections with photos, so I don’t try- (every now and then I get lucky though).


Life is good



Even the baby chickens get spoiled at the Wiley’s

I left off in Central Oregon at Crystal Crane Hot Springs,

Had a quick visit with my cousins Bob and Jan in Bend, Oregon. (living the good life, with three generations under one roof)

The off I go to the next hot Spring.



Trail to Cougar Hot Springs

Trail to Cougar Hot Springs



Cougar Hot Springs – Oregon Cascades (Clothing optional)

This trip I have been blessed with some awesome connections via a travelling network called Couchsurfing dot Org(Check it out here: Thanks to Renee in Pendleton, Sandy and Tevin in Portland, Aria (and her house full of furry and feathered friends) in Cannon Beach. Beautiful people opening their houses and lives to strangers with the sole intent of getting to know their fellow mankind.

When I just want to learn more about what’s up with the peeps, I sometimes just meet for coffee or tea and this trip I connected with Candence in SE Portland and Stephanie in Sequim WA. For me it is a mission I am on which has no end – Getting to know and becoming closer with my Global Family. It does not get any better than this.

I am homeward bound now, I plan to dedicate a complete post to the Economics of Happiness conference.  It was extreemly refreshing to see that proactive people (not naysayers) can and do make a difference in our lives,  many awesome connections were made. (Our awareness of this tide of goodwill in not mandatory but I highly recommend tuning in)20150304_131621 Below there is a cornucopia of photos, not necessarily in  chronological order. I spent 2 1/2 days on the coast in Cannon Beach pictured with the Macaw is Aria, my delightful host, recently moved to Oregon from Alaska. She is an acupuncturist and seems to be thriving with her new practice.  20150305_14141620150305_18202920150306_065554 2spit beach 20150302_175457 Most of these photos are from Cannon beach, the rock cairn is from my last coastal stop in Sequim, Wa.20150302_193835   20150303_171203_Pano 20150303_165955 20150302_180000_VRpano 20150302_175437 20150302_175202 20150302_173616

fam on the porch

I was fortunate to have two visits with the Bachelders in Oregon, and two with the Bedients in Tacoma.  They were short but sweet. and I will be seeing all of them next Summer for our “Gathering of the Casler Clan” re-union


Today (March 12th 2015) I am heading back acroos the Palouse county homeward bound. It has only been three weeks, but in some respects I crammed in 2 or 3 months worth of awesome experiences. I will be glad to be home and to settle back into life in my “Little Corner of Heaven” as my Idaho Mom Peggy would say.20150303_180351


Be Well My Friends

Please stay in touch, I love hearing from you!20150225_170843

4 Responses to “Family connections along the way”

  1. Mar 12th, 2015 :

    It is inspiring…must be time for a road trip! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Diana

    Mar 12th, 2015 :

    Love seeing your happy-humanity photos! Thanks for posting. I am at a bird watching place in the Chiracaqua mountains in SE Arizona. Lots of rare birds here and somewhat rare people here as well.

  3. help

    Mar 12th, 2015 :

    Thanks Diana! Happy birdwatching. Come on home, look forward to seeing you!

  4. Elissabeth

    Mar 12th, 2015 :

    It is truly an inspired GIFT to feel the light, beauty, and JOY – as you unfold your journey in pictures and heart with your family!! Indeed — may you travel homeward .. in gentleness as you WELCOME the little bit of Heaven .. of this extraordinary community!
    Look forward to seeing you soon!
    with loving blessings

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