Wildcrafting Workshop

by Ken | 27th March 2017

Wildcrafting & Foraging Collecting Wild Foods and Medicines for home use & right livelihood Plant Walk & Workshop with Michael Pilarski In Clark Fork, Idaho Cascadia Permaculture Center / Bountiful Productions Friday, May 12, 2017 10:00 am to 4:00 pm We are surrounded by useful plants wherever we go. Native and non-native plants. Food, medicine, […] Read More

Family connections along the way

by help | 12th March 2015

This abbreviated Winter Sojourn had the three day conference in Portland as the focus or destination, but what really feeds me are the connections with family — My kids, grandkids, and old friends. It is hard to document those connections with photos, so I don’t try- (every now and then I get lucky though).   […] Read More

Travel Journal Comes out of Hibernation

by help | 4th March 2015

  Time for Ken to hit the road! Another adventure! Most years I get to veer from my normal routine and spend a month or two on the road. Last year I think my Travel Journal consisted of no travel but updating my friends on changes in the Mystical Land of Clark’sForkia. I will start with […] Read More

Bountiful Adventures Autumnal Haps ~~Summer is over~whew!!~~

by help | 22nd October 2014

Well,  I’ve been promising and I’m going to deliver and it’s time to quit procrastinating. Here it is, the summer of 2014 wrap up.   Facebook fans got to see the summer unfold somewhat with pictures.  And, there’s a few of you who have no idea what the hell I’ve been doing this summer. So fasten […] Read More

Yurt Workshop, Phase one, 2014

by admin | 27th June 2014

Are we building a Yurt. or is it going to be a ‘yurtish’ multi purpose structure? Details for August 1st through 3rd workshop in Clark Fork, Idaho     Ken here with a synopsis of our Summer 2014 building project. I have been a builder for 5 decades, the projects I get the most out of […] Read More

The “morphing” of the Garden Yurt

by admin | 1st February 2013

Here is where we left off in the last chapter:   I have designated a spot in the garden for a multi purpose structure.  I had decided a few things, it would be circlar in nature and I liked the challenge of building a tapered walled yurt. We got this far in the planning stage and decided […] Read More

It takes a village to design and build a Community Garden Structure

by admin | 17th January 2013

Below a photographic synopsis of the evolution of the (soon to be famous) “Yurtification of our Garden” (Note to scroll through the photos only, click on a photo and then use the arrow keys) THIS BEGAN AS A SIMPLE STRUCTURE INTENDED AS A BATH HOUSE AND GARDEN KITCHEN HOWEVER, OTHER USES CAME TO MIND WHICH REQUIRED MODIFYING […] Read More

Winter travels 2013: Mostly a look inside Ken (The Builder’s) Mind

by admin | 12th January 2013

I have been really loving time here in Idaho and seeing new improvements on the property.  We now have a scenic trail down to the creek finished, and we began  another one that goes to the new waterfall. The new bridge across the creek is in progress. Last spring a bridge up stream washed out […] Read More

Comments from folks who have “experienced” our little piece of Heaven

by admin | 23rd July 2012

Ken here.  Since this is a new enterprise, someone has to be the first to offer a comment, and I am happy to be that person.  The “Bountiful Experience” I keep referring to on this site honestly is not something that you can “buy”.  It is more of a state of mind that comes to […] Read More

The long trip home, A few stories

by Ken | 28th March 2012

I must disclose, I have been back un the US for more than a week now. Jet lag is still a part of my life, but it is “voluntary jet lag.”  (I like being up at 3:00 or4:00AM wideawake.  It’s a pleasant time, the world is quite and peaceful.) Helmet? I needed full body armor! Many […] Read More