Family connections along the way

by help | 12th March 2015

This abbreviated Winter Sojourn had the three day conference in Portland as the focus or destination, but what really feeds me are the connections with family — My kids, grandkids, and old friends. It is hard to document those connections with photos, so I don’t try- (every now and then I get lucky though).   […] Read More

Travel Journal Comes out of Hibernation

by help | 4th March 2015

  Time for Ken to hit the road! Another adventure! Most years I get to veer from my normal routine and spend a month or two on the road. Last year I think my Travel Journal consisted of no travel but updating my friends on changes in the Mystical Land of Clark’sForkia. I will start with […] Read More

The Thai State of Mind

by Ken | 20th April 2012

What do I have to say about the “Thai” state of mind?  I’m not sure what analogies to pull out of my analogy bag?   You get what you give —  Peace is more than a state of mind —  When your Smiling, when your smiling, the whole world smiles with you. –(Oh Yea, that’s an […] Read More

The long trip home, A few stories

by Ken | 28th March 2012

I must disclose, I have been back un the US for more than a week now. Jet lag is still a part of my life, but it is “voluntary jet lag.”  (I like being up at 3:00 or4:00AM wideawake.  It’s a pleasant time, the world is quite and peaceful.) Helmet? I needed full body armor! Many […] Read More