Bountiful Adventures Autumnal Haps ~~Summer is over~whew!!~~

by help | 22nd October 2014

Well,  I’ve been promising and I’m going to deliver and it’s time to quit procrastinating. Here it is, the summer of 2014 wrap up.   Facebook fans got to see the summer unfold somewhat with pictures.  And, there’s a few of you who have no idea what the hell I’ve been doing this summer. So fasten your seatbelts and make sure your tray is in the full upright position!


Log Building Workshop


IMG_5014 IMG_5011DSCN1054

Spring time we hatched the idea of having a yurt building workshop here since I had started construction on our outdoor kitchen and friends thought it would be something others  might be interested in we decided to GO FOR IT!


Most to you know me, I don’t do boring boxes for building projects. Which is why I decided to do a tapered wall two-story log yurt. It’s a combination bathhouse, bunkhouse, and community kitchen.   It’s really the next step for the Bountiful Adventures –don’t know what to call it – ECO destination – Permaculture Demonstration Site– Educational Center –Retreat Venue –???   The description is not important right now, but it is important for me to have  facilities for more people to camp,  spend the night and be comfortable here in this little corner of Paradise.


Following is a photo essay, not too many comments, hopefully the pictures will  be worth 1000 words.



There’s a lot of people in my life to thank for making this summer success and I know I’m going to be leaving somebody out here. We have a core group and that consisted of Cindy Santi, Rob Lyman, David Kirchhof,  Michael Pilarski, Karen Lamphear, Terry De Beau, Sally Utley, Troy Vernon,  My neighbors at the Mountain Cloud Farm and my new friends from Montana,  Althea and Jamie who came by and then stayed for almost two weeks just because they loved learning. I wanted to adopt them but there is no moss growing on their feet.  I hear tell, they are off to Nicaragua

High Five to the great “yurtacious” building crew!!


IMG_5005CAM00862 CAM00860CAM00854


    DSCN1205 DSCN1206

First Level up, ready for rafters! hobbit door

CAM00839I’ve never done a “Hobbit Roof” before, it’s never too late to start 🙂CAM00882CAM00904CAM00889CAM00875CAM00873CAM00872CAM00871Autumn colours are happening, and the sub roof is on!  Bring it on Winter


Yay!  I get my garden back

PS  I will be repeating the following in the coming weeks, but you get to be the first to hear it:

We have started a new season of Thinking Outside of the Box this year the theme is something all of the above folks are focusing their lives on.  The theme is Thriving in Our Bioregion, and Karen Lamphear is onboard as co-host. It’s about localism and getting back to basics regarding how we live. (Not talking “survival” we are talking about learning to nurture and rely on the things that are close to you and letting go of dependancies.)  You can find a few of the new shows , (And all of last season) here,:

Happy Autumn everyone, and thanks for being a part of my Bountiful Adventure!!

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  1. Rhianna

    Oct 23rd, 2014 :

    What an eventful and productive summer. It’s amazing seeing your vision come to life and I love that it has been a community project. The hobbit roof is a nice touch. Can’t wait to see it in person.

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